Basic Pistol - Live Fire


Gain a working knowledge of firearms, firearm safety and shooting fundamentals.

Whether you are considering a handgun purchase and looking for basic pistol training, or want ongoing training to improve your skills and increase confidence, we provide practical, hands-on instruction to help you meet these needs.

Coast Tactical Training instructors will help students develop a solid foundation based on proper form and techniques essential for future advancement of firearm skills.  CTT courses provide students with indispensable knowledge and training with critical safety procedures incorporated in each lesson.

Course details below.



Fundamentals - Grip, Stance, Sight Picture

Holster Work

Speed Reload

Tactical Reload

Clearing Malfunctions




Student Requirements:


            (rentals available for $25; includes gun, holster, mags, eyes, ears)

            3 Magazines & carrier/pouch


            Sturdy Belt (BUY NOW)

            Pants or Shorts with Belt Loops

            Eye Protection (BUY NOW)

            Hearing Protection

            Closed toed comfortable footwear (appropriate for dirt)

            Baseball Hat recommended (BUY NOW)

            Gun Cleaning kit (only if bringing own gun)

            400 rounds ammunition

                    *  if renting our handgun, you will need either .9mm luger (ball) ammo

                    *  you can also purchase ammo from us on the day of the course at $25/box of rounds

            Micro Trauma Kit/Blowout Kit recommended (BUY NOW)


Tuition Includes:

            Range Fees




Courses of Fire:

            Static Drills

            Dynamic Drills

            Stress Fire

            Engage single and multiple targets; including movement



Purchase CTT Gear Pack

(includes Belt, Eye Protection, Micro Trauma Kit & CTT Baseball Hat) 

& Receive $100 off your next Course Tuition!