Basic Precision Rifle - 2 Day


Learn long-range marksmanship skills typically reserved for the military elite. 

Whether you’re brand new to long-range shooting, want to extend your hunting range, learn field-craft skills, or compete in precision rifle matches, we provide practical, hands-on training to help you meet these needs.


Coast Tactical Training takes the complex and demanding training of a military sniper school and breaks it down into deliberate practices that are purposeful and systematic. 

Course details below.


Fundamentals of Marksmanship

Data Books and Observer/Shooter Roles & Responsibilities

Ballistics (internal, external and terminal)

Cold Bore Theory

Range Estimation and Range Cards

Effects of Weather



            Private 1000-yard facility 

Student Requirements:

            .308 / .338 / 7mm (email if you want to shoot another caliber)

            Bolt Action or Semi-Auto precision chambered in NATO or similar cartridge

            (LEO/Military preferably service issued weapon)

            Optic – Milliradian or MOA.  (Premier Reticle, US optics, S&B M8541)

            200 rounds of ammunition

            Spotting scope (PREFERABLY high end Schmit and Bender, Premier Reticle, Leupold)

Tuition Includes:

            Data book

            Tactical kit / equipment 

            Tripod / shooting supports


Courses of Fire:


            Cold Bore

            100&200yd Grouping Exercise

            100&200yd Color Dots

            Stress Shoot

            Course of Fire

            Course of Fire

            Stress Shoot