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As its name implies, the Boo Boo® Pouch was designed to hold non-essential essentials. Sometimes a basic pouch is needed for other vital gear – like a phone, chap-stick, snivel kit, earplugs, wallet or whatever smaller items may be needed.


The lid is made from a single piece of ULTRAcomp™ laminate for a thinner, stronger, and more water resistant closure. The Boo Boo® Pouch has two elastic loops inside to aid in organization. 

The Ball Loaded Index Point, or BLIP for short, is an enhancement in the pouch lid that allows for positive grip with cold, wet, gloved hands, or for use in the dark.  A small nitrile rubber ball is sewn into the pouch lid which saves weight over traditional lid tabs but provides a mechanical interference between the fingers allowing for consistent pouch opening in adverse conditions. 

Blue Force Gear - Boo Boo Pouch

  • Fits:

    • Small phones, cameras
    • Basic bandages
    • Lip balm, sunscreen
    • 2 cans / 1 pack of Vitamin N
    • 2 sets of linked handcuffs / 1 set hinged cuffs
    • "Micro Trauma Kit"
    • SERE / Survival kit
    • Basic cleaning kit
    • Business cards
    • Digital accessories
    • Similar sized smaller items
  • Sizing:
    1" x 4" x 4"
    2 x 2 MOLLE field required


    • CORDURA® ballistic nylon
    • Steel grommet drain hole
    • MOLLE compatible Helium Whisper® attachment system


    Our Ball Loaded Index Point, or BLIP™ for short, is a feature found on all our lidded pouches and select plate carriers like the Boo Boo Pouch. BLIP was born in the freezing rain on a Blackwater range. It was there we realized that when you can’t feel your fingers, it’s very difficult to get a grasp on a flat piece of webbing and distinguish a pull tab. The ball doesn’t rely on friction; the bones in your fingers positively engage it. BLIP’s form is both easy to pull and impossible to miss.

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