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What We Do

Coast Tactical Training is a collective of subject matter experts made up of some of America's finest warriors and instructors. Navy SEALs, Marines, Army and Law Enforcement Officers comprise our ranks and each offer their distinct perspective. The diversity of our team, the depth and breadth of our experience, and the caliber of our performance yield a uniquely qualified unit.  Our reach into both the wisdom and experience of time served, as well as into the most current and relevant special operations, sets CTT apart.  The fusion of tradition with tactics coming straight from the front lines is the basis for cutting edge lessons, training and experiences. 


Sharing our expertise with private citizens, corporate teams and community organizations is our mission.  We offer a variety of training courses, all of which may be customized.  Through our consultative approach and developmental process, we assess client goals and needs to provide the most relevant custom experiences.  And, our unparalleled access to the best in their field means we can deliver keynote speakers who inspire far beyond those found on the typical speaking circuit.  

Led by our board, The Collective, we expect the best and give the best in return.

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