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What's a Woobie??

This incredibly versatile military version of a security blanket is one of the most beloved field items a soldier carries.   Originally a poncho liner developed in the 1960's for the jungle war in Vietnam, the uses of this indispensable item range from cape to blanket to pillow to hammock.  Can you imagine a better item to keep in your car, on your boat, in your Bug Out bag?

The two layers of rip-stop nylon and polyester filling magically trap the heat in and keep the cold out.  Its extremely durable construction and light weight make it totally portable and relevant in any environment.  Use it for your next impromptu picnic, soccer game, chilly night outside or camping trip.  Like the soldiers before you, you too won't want to leave home without your woobie. 

Woobie Blanket/Poncho Liner

  • Coast Logo in corner

    100% Rip Stop Polyester

    62" x 82"

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