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Statement of Qualifications

About Us

Coast Tactical Training stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of experience-based training, offering unparalleled programs led by a distinguished team of Navy SEALs, Special Operators, and Civilian Experts. With a legacy steeped in executing high-stakes missions and a wealth of knowledge across diverse fields, we are singularly qualified to deliver transformative learning experiences. Our eclectic team is seasoned in undertaking the most challenging missions with specialized insights from various disciplines. Our synthesis of military acumen and civilian proficiency guarantees a holistic training approach.

Our Mission

At Coast Tactical Training, we employ a consultative approach to meticulously design and customize each experience, ensuring alignment with our client’s objectives. We work in close collaboration with the main point of contact, attending to every detail and ensuring client satisfaction. Our pre-event collaboration ensures that several elements within each experience act as powerful metaphors, solidifying the learning and ensuring its lasting impact and resonance, thereby leading to impactful learning with actionable takeaways.

Our Clients

  • Individuals

  • Families & Friends

  • Athletic Teams (High School, College, Pro)

  • Corporate Teams

  • Corporate C-Suite

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