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Next Steps:

Thank you for registering for your COAST Live Fire Experience!

Please read the following information carefully and follow the instructions completely in preparation for your event.

1.  Please complete our Participant Waiver.  You MUST verify your email in order for the waiver process to be complete.  If you did not receive a verification email, please check your junk folder and verify right away.  Contact Us if you cannot locate the verification email.

2.  Please review the following Warning Orders below:

Warning Orders


South Bay Rod & Gun Club 

1020 Marron Valley Rd., Dulzura, CA 91917

Jan 14, 2023 - Range 2

Feb 11, 2023 - Range 2

Mar 11, 2023 - Range 2

April 15, 2023 - Range 1

June 17, 2023 - Range 1

Once you pass through the gates of the club, proceed up the left side of the road, bypassing the line.  When you get to the check in area tell them you are with Coast Tactical.  Proceed by veering to the left and drive up the hill until the road ends at Range 1. Range 2 is the range just before the range at the end.


The following equipment is included in your training tuition:


  • A quality semi-automatic pistol & 3 mags

  • An outside the waistband holster (fits Glock only)

  • Double mag holder

  • Ear protection 

  • Eye protection

  • Ammo is NOT included  in tuition

Participants are responsible for the following:

  • Sturdy belt 

  • 300 Rds of quality brass-cased ammo

If you are bringing your own gun, you MUST bring your own gear including: 

  • 3 mags

  • An outside the waistband holster

  • Double mag holder

  • 300 Rds of quality brass-cased ammo


  • Training is from 9am-3pm.  Please note that this class can go over on time depending on students.  We will not end the class until training standards have been met.  Please plan accordingly.

  • Closed toe shoes.  No scoop/v-neck shirts.  No tank tops. All pants/shorts must have belt loops.

  • Lunch & drinks will be provided

Need a Gun Belt?

Purchase one from our Pro Shop

& we will bring it to your event

Available for Purchase (9mm ONLY); 

 Advance Request Required  

If you need ammo, please contact us immediately



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