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July 31-Aug 3, 2024

Sept. 20-23, 2024


A Sentinel “stands watch” and is prepared for whatever threat emerges.  Our training includes pistol gunfighting skills, shotgun, tactical medicine, survival, hand to hand combatives and more.  Our coaching staff of Navy SEALs, other Elite Military operators, law enforcement and civilian experts deliver the highest quality training all while providing an extraordinary experience.

No matter your background or experience, our team of elite warfighters and coaches are there to expand and develop your skills.  Crawl, walk, run is our approach.  This exclusive experience has limited enrollment and our staff/participant ratio facilitates development at a pace suitable for each individual.  Our training evolutions are designed to challenge the most skilled and set a foundation for the inexperienced. The limited enrollment also allows for detailed debrief, as well as intimate Q&A and discussions.

Each evolution will build on the last, culminating in a final evolution that will require your new skills be deployed in a realistic stress-induced environment that will test your mettle.

The experience is complete with comfortable ranch-style lodging and dining.  Once the sun goes down, training ceases for the day and participants enjoy family-style home cooked meals and priceless access to stories told by Navy SEALs and other operators.  This is a rare and unique opportunity to interact with some of the Nation’s most elite warriors.  Their stories and lessons are inspiring and impactful, always with extraordinary humility and a dose of good humor. 



Location & Transport:

700 acre private ranch, 1 hour south of Great Falls, 2 hours north of Bozeman.

Transportation will be provided from the Great Falls airport to our location.  If you are driving, you will be given specific instructions when and where to meet.


Beautiful lodging and meals provided. 

Firearms & Ammo:

Glock 9mm | Various Rifles

9mm Ammo is provided


Improve situational awareness

Develop offensive mindset

Fight to Win/Get Home Safe

Eliminate armed & unarmed threats

Firearm safety & training

Move confidently in unknown environments

Assess your situation, plan, act

Identify resources

Triage, Treat, Survive

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